Iberian Horses



Iberian horses are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. 

We have amassed a wealth of experience in dealing with the Iberian horses and several of our clients have Lusitanos or Pure Raza  Espangol (PRE's) at livery with us.

We attend most of the Iberian shows held within a reasonable distance from the yard and have enjoyed success at most. 



We are able to share our experience in handling and riding Lusitano and PRE horses and would be delighted to assist you in building a partnership with your Iberian horse in a calm and harmonious environment.

We can help you find your new equine partner.  We have good connections with several breeders and trainers in both Spain and Portugal as well as here in the UK.

We can offer continuing support, transitional livery helping horses adapt to their new partnership here in the UK. 



We enjoy promoting the Iberian horse by attending breed shows, county shows and Iberian showcases. 

We have also taken part in demonstrations of the various Iberian riding disciplines across the UK, as well as riding our Iberians in the London New Year's Day Parade..